Corinja vom Angerbogen

Empress Corindabella vom Angerbogen

corinja  011


Inassicas Coriander Cheer's Way Of The World Shanlimore Baronet Nortonwood Silvanus
Dabess Zelana
Cheer's Nathalie Kneegarens Stars'n Stripes
Cheer's It's My Favourite
Inassicas Sea Mayweed Stenbury Waterwing Shot Jobeka Jasper Of Nortonwood
Stenbury Water Music
Inassicas Chacarelle Perrimay Hector
Inassicas Marie Rouge
Cuddle Crissy vom Angerbogen Dewmist Strike It Rich Perrimay Hector Stirchley Saxon
Perrimay Sea Harp
Dewmist Solitair Sansue Golden Arrow
Dewmist Shadow of Your Smile
Naike vom Mohnfeld Tyrol Victorious Voyager Papeta Philosopher
Tyrol Jessica
Hummel vom Mohnfeld Shanlimore Evening Star
Georgia vom Mohnfeld


  • *08.06.2004
  • HD A 2
  • ED  frei/frei
  • FdW
  • Augen frei 19.03.2009
  • Formwert Vorzüglich



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