Daily Rays Touch Of Sun Cuddle Crissy vom Angerbogen
Mika Crissy



Daily Rays Touch Of Sun Paudell Pure Passion Paudell Easter Plantagenet at Kerrien Sansue Castalian
Kerrien Calypso of Paudell
Kerrien Forever Bonnie at Paudell Sansue Golden Ruler
Kerrien C'est La Vie
Daily Rays Snow Crystal Lorinford Harlequin Lorinford Lancelot
Lorinford Lovestory
Dewmist Cardanella Cassmick Confident Cadet
Dewmist Clarinetto
Cuddle Crissy vom Angerbogen Dewmist Strike It Rich Perrimay Hector Stirchley Saxon
Perrimay Sea Harp
Dewmist Solitair Sansue Golden Arrow
Dewmist Shadow of Your Smile
Naike vom Mohnfeld Tyrol Victorious Voyager Papeta Philosopher
Tyrol Jessica
Hummel vom Mohnfeld Shanlimore Evening Star
Georgia vom Mohnfeld


Finley HD A2, ED 0/0  
Felina-Paula HD A2, ED 0/0   FdW  
Fenja-Mina HD A2, ED 0/0   WT  
Fiona HD A1, ED 0/0   FdW Zuchtzulassung 23.06.2009  
Franny Fine HD A1, ED 0/0