Tallygold Big Surprise Fiona vom Angerbogen
Wurfplanung J-Wurf



Tallygold Big Surprise Tallygold Which Way is the Audience Friendship Classic Tatoo Mjaerumhögda`s Classic Sound
Perrimay Fadilla
Tallygold Hot and Sweet Stenbury Waterwizadry
Golden Joy´s Polly Peachum
Strandgläntans Flowery Field Cheer´s Secret Garden Inassicas Song of Songs
Cheer´s Dazzle
Strandgläntans Sweet as Sweet Inassicas Sea Chanter
Inassicas Field Pansy
Fiona vom Angerbogen Daily Rays Touch of Sun Paudell Pure Passion Paudell Easter Plantagenet at Kerrien
Kerrien Forever Bonny at Paudell
Daily Rays Snow Christal Lorinford Harlequin
Dewmist Cardanella
Cuddle Crissy vom Angerbogen Dewmist Strike it Rich Perrimay Hector
Dewmist Solitaire
Naike vom Mohnfeld Tyrol Victorious Voyager
Hummel vom Mohnfeld


Ian-Michel HD A2/A2 ED frei  
Infinity Ike HD A2/A2 ED frei   WT  BHP A im DRC  
Isaac Maxwell Sheffield HD A2/A2 ED frei   FdW  
India-Emma HD A2/A2 ED frei  
Inessa-Ivy HD A2/B1 ED frei   FdW PRA/HC/RD frei 12.02.13  
Isla-Luna HD A2/A2 ED frei  


zwischenablage fi lasse hoofd 2-4-11klein

Fiona vom Angerbogen                           Tallygold Big Surprise



Mjaerumhödga´s Classic


Perrimay Fadilla

Stenbury Waterwizardry

Friendship Classic Tatoo    

Tallygold Which Way                                                    Golden Joy´s Polly

is the Audience               Tallygold Hot and Sweet          Peachum

Inassicas Song of Songs

Tallygold Big Surprise

Strandgläntans               Cheer´s Secret Garden              Cheer´s Dazzle

Flowery Field                  Strandgläntans Sweet as          Inassicas Sea Chanter


Inassicas Field Pansy


Daily Ray´s Touch of         Paudell Pure Passion

Sun                                 Daily Ray´s Snow

Fiona vom Angerbogen                                           Christal

Cuddle Crissy vom            Dewmist Strike

Angerbogen                      it Rich

Naike vom Mohnfeld